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Email signature designed in Webflow? Possible?

Both myself and client’s separate account have hosting only, so no code export. BUT, guessing that won’t help, anyway.

Is this possible? Curious if anyone’s done it, before I start the slow uphill battle myself. Kinda guessing that I can create a page with a footer that would be the email signature… and then, when I preview it, I can manually cut and paste the code into a self contained single block of code (i.e. related HTML and CSS) that the client can then use?

I’m told by them over and over again that in Gmail, they can just paste in their signature as code. Much fun, as I know others in this small company use different clients. Can’t wait! /s

And, FYI, bootstrapping, especially now, so no budget for some external service that specializes in email signatures.

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Yes you can design one but don’t use Flex or CSS Grid. Also styles need to be inline not external.

A thing to consider; 50% of users will not see it. Many email clients won’t render HTML by default, and will not load images. So the same rules about designing email campaigns apply to signatures. A reason why text signatures are default, plus they are easily copied and added to address books.


Coming in to 2nd what @webdev said. I’ve wasted so many hours of my life on frankly pointless client requests to make “pretty” email signatures. The truth is that many email clients don’t render them properly anyway, and they generally only support a small number of default fonts, so the pretty web font on your website will almost certainly not display.

If you still want to go ahead then you may want to heed this advice; use inline styles. Even in 2020 not all email clients understand CSS. This in itself rules out Webflow as a HTML email signature “generator” as Webflow produces CSS for styling rather than inline styles.


YES I agree completely. I have no idea why this client insists. I personally keep my email as plaintext; it always consistently looks like how I expect everywhere. I’ve gotten myself some business emails from others where there footer came out as gobbled code.

That said, is there somewhere where someone actually has stats on email clients that support footer code? This client added me to their Hubspot, and also they use Mail Chimp - both use some service that shows how campaign emails actually look on real email clients on real other platforms. Kinda impressive. I guess that service I can use myself now that I said it. - Er, no… $99 to test one email footer? Lol, no. OH well. I guess it’s roll the dice.

Thanks for the advice, will give it a go. But, I’m still strongly advising them NOT to go this way. I mean, I’ve already tried to explain your signature is going to fall apart when your receiver replies back to you and quotes your email. But, erg. What can I do.