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Webflow for Responsive Email Creation


Will be great if someone can point me to the right direction. I have had a brief experience with WebFlow, and I was wondering if WebFlow can be used to create a responsive email design?

The principles for creating the design remain the same as that for creating a responsive website. The only difference being that for the email, we would require a single HTML file with inline CSS.

From what I understand, when you export the code currently, you land up with multiple files which works well for a website but not for an email.

Will really appreciate if someone can help me out with this.

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I did the whole email inside of the webflow and export it directly to html and css. I had to combine all css and js into one html which I, after that, set up as newsletter email.

But you have to remember that not all email apps will read that email as you want it to. It’s always best to simply create in a photoshop something that looks like that newsletter, cut it in pieces, set it up as email and add “If you can’t read it, click here to view it online.” thing :wink:

Good luck!

Cool :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton… guess will have to see why those emails will not display correctly on all devices.


@msambare email design is a while other beast. Responsive design for the web and responsive design for email are two totally different things. There are some overlaps, but you’d have to rebuild the whole newsletter in html Tables to make it work in the most popular email clients.

I’d recommend choosing a responsive email template from Zurb, building one with Mailchimp, or grabbing a template somewhere else and tweaking the codez.

I wish it was easier!

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@thesergie Thanks for your inputs.

While I understand this is off topic however by any chance can you point me to a tool like WebFlow that will allow me to build responsive email templates?

The stock templates available across various sites are just not suitable for the project I am working on. Any pointers will really be appreciated.


I wish there was something out there like Webflow for responsive emails, but I’m afraid there isn’t. The closest you can get is Mailchimp’s builder, which has its limitations.

You did mention Zurb. Check out this new thing they offer. INK Responsive E-mail


Well Vote 1, for Webflow to create a derivative app that outputs email friendly html. You guys would kill it. Then licence the editor out to the mail providers to use inside their apps.


Hi! I might be late to the party, but OSX as a cool app for those of you who prefer to visually build Responsive Newsletters. It’s called Mail Designer Pro and it can be purchased on the APP Store. It’s not perfect but good for those who don’t know how to code by hand.

Mail Designer pro is the only tool that comes close, but the spagetti code it generates is terrible to hook into a dynamic web app project.

Suggestion for Webflow: Give us a responsive table widget for newsletter only. I think that is the quickest and most efficient way to go about it. methinks.


Sorry to revive a very old thread but I have found an email designer that seems to be very similar to webflow


Does anyone use or knows BeeFree? It’s responsive and very easy to use. And guess what, there is a free plan.

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I am trying it now and I like it. The only thing I am having trouble with is placing the html in an email to send the blast when using a creative source like Photoshop. So far the only way I have been able to do it is to upload the HTML files - open safari browser and hit Share, then email.

Anyone else know of a better way?