How to make an editable Mailchimp newsletter?

I am wondering if it’s possible to design a newsletter on Webflow, and have it fully editable on mailchimp?

Here is an example for an editable HTML newsletter template on Mailchimp:

When i’m pasting my code/uploading the HTML file, I do get my design but there is no option to edit the elements via Mailchimp itself

Any ideas?

@Diablito - Mailchimp has template tags that you’d have to insert to make editable areas. So you could build the design in Webflow and import the HTML to Mailchimp, but you’ll have to convert it to an editable template yourself.

You can see the documentation from Mailchimp here:

As a side-note, HTML email is notoriously picky about HTML and CSS. Certain properties and layout styles work in some email clients but not others. Some don’t work anywhere. You can see what works in different clients here:

If you want to save yourself a ton of headache and produce email that actually work in most email inboxes, I strongly recommend using something like MJML to build your base email designs or use the built-in builders that email service providers give you to build responsive email. They usually aren’t super flexible, but at least the emails will render in most clients.

MJML is an email pre-processor that will save you a ton of time and headache in trying to build responsive emails that work across all clients. It’s totally free and once you learn the relatively simple syntax it is very fast to build in. You’ll generally write one line of MJML for every 5 or 6 lines of HTML that it outputs when you export the code.