Website with member subsription, and members upload their own pictures

I was asked to make a website for artists, where they can subscribe to the website, and then their profile and work will be displayed on the site. And they can upload their bio and pictures of their work to the website themselves. Do you think Webflow is suitable for this? Even to a large scale?

Hi Sean,

Am I correct in understanding that you’re building an online community in a similar vein to Dribbble? This is definitely possible in Webflow (if we give it a little boost). My recommendation would be to use Webflow as the frontend and let it excel at what it does best: visual design.

You can separate out your business logic using a backend no-code tool like Xano or Bubble. Then, you can tie the two together without code using a free framework I built called Cloud Canal that handles authentication and interaction with your API. Here is a quick demo of a note-taking app put together in Webflow.

There are of course other ways to go about this as well, but this way is performant and scales well. You have Webflow for the frontend and Xano for the backend. That’s it. You’ll probably need some tools that will fit a specific need for your platform, like an email service, but the core of your app can be built using just those two.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’d be glad to help!

Thank you for your reply I will check it out.