Can Webflow CMS be used as a Database?


Can Webflow CMS be used as a database system and internally allow our customers to login securely to a dashboard of sorts ?

Additionally if a dashboard is created can we create columns that can potentially utilize mathematics to calculate stuff ?

Can code be utilized to manipulate the CMS to interface with a sophistacted database project…

Is the CMS capable of MYSQL type stuff and what type of back end does it use ?

I am sorry if alot of questions. I just don’t understand the functions of the CMS completely and want to know if it can handle a future project.



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Have you seen and ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits?

Short answer to all of your above questions: No.

Longer answer:

Not natively just using pure Webflow. Imagine Webflow as the creator tool for the front-end of your website. Only basic CMS is allowed - what is currently supported is explained in the Articles link above. If I require additional features, I currently export and get a web developer to integrate with Wordpress.

Can code be utilized to manipulate the CMS to interface

To a certain extent. You have to use the custom code field with the CMS, and get your web developer to write custom JavaScript code for that.


Thanks for the answer. What does Wordpress offer as far as database is concerned ? MYSQL ? I know Host Gator has that too and many other platforms.

Is the collections thing that Webflow is doing a MongoDB thing ? Do you know what they are using for the CMS or database where I would be able to interact via code smoothly to the back end ?

Please let me know what you make of this.