Can we export symbols?

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well
I have a question, can we export symbols?

I’m working on a project atm that I need to export and host it on another website,
and I cloned a navigation menu interaction that I needed for the design, but the menu
is done as a symbol by the original creator (forgot the original source I cloned the menu from)

So, I’m worried about the symbol if it will be included in the exported files or not

Hi Yousra,

Symbols are an ‘inner Webflow’ system that helps you design cross-site elements.
When you export a site, you lose all Webflow design capabilities, so symbols also stop behave as symbols and you won’t be able to cross edit.

Nevertheless, anything inside the symbol will be exported as normal HTML/CSS/JS code.
With the exclusion of all the things Webflow does not export (CMS and Ecommerce content, site search and forms)

So, it depends on what you were asking, symbols are being exported, and at the same time aren’t… :sweat_smile:

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