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Create webflow symbols using code


I am new to webflow. Can we create webflow symbol code outside of webflow, and we can then copy it to webflow editor when needed.

Hi @Bilal_Shah, welcome to webflow and the forum.
I dont think you can create symbols from clipboard. However you can copy and paste elements between projects. You´ll need to create a symbol manually. And Symbols dont sync between projects.

I don’t know if I understood your question correctly


I want to create a webflow project which have collections now I want that to be copied to webflow dashboard for creating other sites. Systemflow is doing like that. They have elements which can be copied to webflow editor.

Hi @Bilal_Shah,
I took a look at Systemflow. I think I didn’t understand exactly what you meant. But they aren’t copying the code from their site. They are just copying the name of a symbol and searching for that symbol in the webflow project.
It shouldn’t be a problem to create a website with all prebuilt symbols. You just need to name your symbols properly.