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Navigation sync across sites

Hey Guys,

I am doing navigation which content is the same across every site. Is it possible somehow sync it without copy and pasting it manually? Something like a master element?

Thank you

Yes, this feature has been released recently. :blush:

Oh cool – thank you for fast response. You are great!

Hi, you can use Symbols across all pages for a site, but not same symbol across all sites in your webflow account… to my knowledge…

Yeah @cyberdave you’re right. Symbols work within projects, they aren’t accessible in other projects on your account.

@thesergie, this would be very useful if can be used across sites. I am currently facing an issue, that I need to copy things from one site to another site, and right now, cannot do that, except to recreate everything.

I hear you @cyberdave. I’m facing the same problem. We want to add copy paste support across sites soon to solve this problem. That would be a much faster solution (and all around useful solution) versus creating account-wide symbols.

Great thanks, I will be interested to see how this progresses. Cheers :smile: