Can this be done in Webflow with widgets or embed coding?

Hi everyone!

I’ve got a potential client who is interested in making a website/app. They describe what they need like this:
Our product is today an Excel sheet with personal finance setup (budget, accounting, simulation and for managing your own goals = Gant schema). We want to further develop this into a web and / or mobile app solution that takes care of the function of the spreadsheet, which can simultaneously enhance the user experience, in the form of automated processes from online store sales, login, GPDR, cloud solution, and security.

So my question is: Is this possible to make in Webflow, by integrating third party widgets, some embed code etc? And if it is… do you have any recommendations on where to find what I need to accomplish this?


Yes that’s a lot to accomplish. Webflow would probably not work for this situation because you’ll need data to communicate on a consistent basis. You’re looking more for Visual Studio application with back-end programming (php, Of course, you’d have to write this code by hand - OR - use a couple of applications that could talk to each other.

Of the top of my head -

The most inexpensive start would be Zoho is probably the cheapest platform for something like this because they have a suite of products that use programming, and have a GUI for implementation - you wouldn’t have to code it all manually. Some parts you would, but not all.

This type of project will need a deep dive into functionality before anyone could give you a definitive answer as to which platform(s) to use.

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Thank you so much for your help! It was pretty much as I expected, but I guess I needed to hear it from someone else too.

Yeah no problem. There a lot of ways to accomplish your project. If you have the time, I would research in this order, because clients often have an idea, but don’t really understand what has to happen to start, plan, purchase and connect.

  1. User entry: What platform will users enter? Should they all enter the same door? What content are they going to need at this entry point?

  2. How many directions will you allow? The flow chart comes into play here. It establishes which application is needed for each direction.

  3. What will they do after passing through the first and second doors: How many options will they have after choosing a direction?

As you can see, this list could go on and on. You’ll have to guide the client on how, when and where a user starts and stops. And each step costs. So how will you generate revenue at each entry point?

I’d have them - or do it with them, create a step by step process flow - for ONLY 1 user. Based on user demographics you can build a pretty clear process.

Here’s what you want to explain to the Client:

A. They have to decide how far a user can go.
B. How much functionality each user will receive each step.
C. How much can they afford per platform.
D. This will give the client a clear ‘Feasibility’ test.

This project is going to be based on inter-connectivity. Because you’re going to want things to function as seamless as possible (similar to Zapier’s ability). But you don’t wanna break the bank either. I think Zoho would be great research start for you. I’ve use their apps and they work very well. There is a bit of thinking and getting it out on paper (flow chart).

Hope that helps. Give me shout if you need researched platforms, I’ve had to do a ton of research over the years. Good Luck!

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Thank you so much! This really helps me out a great deal.
I’ve done a little research too, and had a look at Zoho. I also found and DHTMLX, and the last one looked promising too.
I will get in touch with the potential client, and go through with them everything you listed here, and adding even more questions to the list.

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and your offer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

No problem. Glad to help. Have Fun!

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