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Can I embed code from the previous non-Webflow version of the site?

Hi there

What you are about to read is pure ‘Amateur Hour’, so please forgive me.

I am rebuilding this website in Webflow here and there are graphs that I think can be built in Chart.js according to Pixelgeek


It did occur to me that there might also be a way to use the existing code from the site and embed it into Webflow. Is this feasible or am I just fantasizing here?

If this is something feasible and easy then I could hire a developer to do the embeds, right?

Also, is this ethically out of bounds? I mean I would be using code that I didn’t write. Or is it usually the case that when a client hires a developer to build a site, then the client can reuse the code in a way such as this? I’m not sure

Anyway, any tips about this would awesome.


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That first link above doesnt work. the site is here

There are multiple ways to achieve what you describe.

What you call “embed” can work as an iframe component, but you would need to keep hosting the old website for it to work.
Basically you create a custom code element in webflow, insert an iframe tag pointing to the graph on the old website, and it will display it on your new website. (iframe tag won’t participate to your SEO)

As for reusing the code, it can prove quite challenging in webflow and it’ll mostly revolves around custom component.
From what I can see the original website uses prismic cms and vue.js

So you’ll need the source code of the app (not the compiled data on the server) to get back the graph component’s file (html, css and js). Then you’ll need to load vue.js library on your page in a script tag + any other additional library that’s needed by the component.
Finally, create a custom code element to paste html, styles and additional js… Then you pray that it works and debug it until it does !

Hi Vincent. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond and pitching your response at the right level. Yes, iFrame is a good easy temporary solution.

If I hired a developer to make a solution like the one you have outlined above, would they be able to get the app’s source code? How many hours do you think this job would take?

Any developers here want to give me a quote? my email is

(sorry if I’m breaking the forum rules by asking)

And then there is also the no-code route which I’m sure has to be possible to implement … by integrating the csv docs with the data that reside on the server with live items in the Webflow CMS through Zapier. But building the graphs with Chart.js from CMS items looks tricky and I’m not sure how Zapier would handle the fact that new csv docs re produced daily.

Thanks again!

A dev can’t just get the server code without actually getting it from the people who own the site.

Zapier would do what you’re talking about just fine, and putting the numbers into chart.js seems trivial if you know a little javascript. The tricky part would be the dynamic dates and ranges displaying correctly, but I’m not familiar with Chartjs so I can’t say if that’s easy or hard there.

Thanks for replying Fonsome. So, the murkier areas of this workflow are becoming a bit clearer now thanks to all the above help.

As I see it, the original devs wrote an app to get the financial data from the SEI api and that data has been used to create the graphs and tables as well as Excel docs that are made available to download by users.

So (as well as using iFrame or using a no code method through Zapier using the data from the CSVs) I could presumably obtain the access to the SEI financial data api, and procure the services of a dev to recreate the same functionality of the old site from scratch, as it were. Would they be able to get it all working on a Webflow site by custom coding though?