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Create a WebApp with integrations


I’m looking to build a WebApp, but I’m pretty sure I can do it thanks to Webflow.
Here’s the system I want to build

  • Client can sign up/sign in
  • He get a personalized dashboard, where I show him an Airtable form (personalized for EACH account client (so I will manually change the Airtable on each client as an admin)
  • When he fill out the Airtable, we have a backend (homemade) that will populate some docs.
  • We embed a google drive or dropbox into his dashboard (each client will have a personalized & unique google drive so we need to have an admin access to change it manually)

Do you think I can do it with Webflow ? :slight_smile: If yes, is it there any guide/video I should follow to start?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Jed I would recommend you check out (by the amazing @DuncanHamra & Tyler Bell), they have a new Zapier integration that should make all of that quite easy, and you can actually link a custom profile form so you don’t even have to use Airtable :slight_smile: I’m working on something similar right now.

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We actually need Airtable, because that’s our “backend” connected with few zappier zaps.
Will take a look at memberstack, thanks!

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Ah ok, well you can connect that too :slight_smile: just thought it might be easier to do a direct integration.

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@asksj it looks like you cannot really link Airtable to Memberstack (you can only update an Airtable with memberstack info, that’s not what I want).

But thanks for help :slight_smile:

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Hi @asksj, thanks for the mention :grin:

Hi @Jed! Have you seen our user-specific pages feature? It might be exactly what you’re looking for. Each user gets their own page that you can manage via the Webflow CMS, editor, or designer. Depending on how you set it up, you can embed a particular user’s airtable right into the page. Setup is a but more manual than a standard membership, but that doesn’t sound like it’s going to be an issue here.


Hey @Jed, Jason from @flowpros might be able to help you figure that out, I was chatting with him about something similar the other day :slight_smile: he has a way of keeping the CMS in sync with MemberStack profiles, and I would think this wouldn’t be too far off from that idea(?)

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Hello and thanks for your message.
I saw an alert message telling me that the “user-specific” feature is not so secure. It’s only a JS layer.
As we want to deal with sensitive data, it’s not an appropriate option for us :frowning:

But thanks a lot for your help!

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Thanks @asksj!

@Jed I wouldn’t toss Memberstack out just yet. Instead of writing some app that coordinates this all together, what you need is what I would refer to as a “conduit” to connect the various apps together yet still maintain full security. Certainly, “showing” or “hiding” content that’s in source code is not “bank security” per se (nor is MemberStack advocating that), however any links or connections to Google Drive, AirTable and/or MemberStack imply this “conduit” between the 3 handles the security you desire.

MemberStack handles authentication (not security) in your case.
AirTable does what you want
Google Drive does what you want.
…and keeps it all in Webflow.

Might be worth a voice chat? LMK.


Hi Jason (@flowpros), I’ve reached this post when researching the integrations between webflow, airtable and memberstack (using zapier or integromat).

I’m creating a service wich will have user profiles and listings.

I’ll use memberstack to manage sign up, log ins and the user profiles. The user profiels has basic information like name, nationality, age etc.

Would you add all the user profiles “fields” to memberstack as well? Or would you keep them between webflow and airtable?

I’d appreciate if you could point me in the right direction regarding these integrations.


Hi @gvdias, while not seeing your exact setup, my inclination is to avoid adding this data to MemberStack when you’re only going to be using it in the context of the Webflow site. If you’re syncing collections via Airtable and making the connection to MemberStack, then when a user authenticates, you can pull that information from the profile in Webflow (CMS collection) directly.

I am shooting from the hip a bit on this one without seeing your exact setup. Nonetheless, I hope that helps.


Thanks for the input, Jason! @flowpros

I tried to keep data our of MemberStack - so it’s one less place to have it duplicated - but couldn’t find a way to let users update their profile info (saved to airtable and webflow CMS) without MemberStack.

If you have any ideas please let me know.