Can I Use CMS To Exceed My Accounts Static Page Limitiation (of 100, I need 400!)

Hello, I am building a website for a garage door company and they have asked me to create 400 static landing pages. The problem is Webflow only offers a max of 100 static pages. Can I use CMS
to increase the static page limit… I need to have a customized page for their 4 most popular garage doors, for the 100 cities they work in = 400 static pages needed… For instance, a page that says “Vacaville Swing Garage Doors”… Then I need to have the same template and content but change the city name to “Berkeley Swing Garage Door”… 100 cities x 4 popular products = 400 landing pages.

I appreciate any help and suggestion, Thank yOu!


Welcome to the forum. Yes you can use CMS for landing pages. I have done in the past and it works great. The one thing I would bare in mind is that the CMS field limit is 30 - so you may have to get creative with CMS itself.

One thing I would say is that that their “400” landing page method is a little excessive. Google may consider this “keyword cramming” and may penalise site in the SERPS. Perhaps using the cities as landing pages with all four garage doors on one page? But that’s just my opinion. CMS will work really well for lots of landing pages.

Thank You for the help JSW, I appreciate the quick response. I still have a lot to learn about CMS in general, and I will talk to the company about the possible “Keyword Cramming”, very helpful insight!

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