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Question on page limits

Greetings to all. I’m starting to learn Webflow and love it, but I have a question. I have an opportunity of building sites for travel agencies and I wonder if Webflow would be adequate. I’ve approached a friend who already has one and when I run it through and it says the site has:


**Total Links: 174
**External links: 18
Internal links: 156
**No Follow: 0
**Do Follow: 174

Which I guess means 156 static pages in the site. If the Webflow limit is 100 pages, does that mean I couldn’t use it to build such a site? Or would I use collections (haven’t really studied those yet) to build the site? Many of the pages are contain photos and text describing different tours.

If many of the pages use the same design and you’re just swapping out the content (like blog posts or info pages on different things) then you can make a CMS template which can have hundreds or thousands of pages in them.

If it’s just different static pages then you’re out of luck - Webflow has a weird miniscule 100 page limit.

Thanks for the response, Fonsume. So in CMS templates, the design and placement of text and images has to be exactly the same? OR close to the same? I just looked at a bunch of the pages and they are the same basic format – though some have an extra button, but most are the same. Only photos and text change.

You can use conditional formatting to swap out elements according to what you need to use. The CMS collection you use can have many different fields like images, videos, blog text etc.

Thanks. Sounds workable.