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More than 100 pages

It is hard to make a very big ecomerence company without more than 100 pages.

Hi @Muhammad_ROHAAN, Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community.

I know that running into limits can be frustrating, as you have observed, there is a 100 static page limit for all Webflow projects at the moment, I am looking forward to a future feature set in this regard that allows for more static pages per project.

I will be cheering with you when that happens and will make sure to share your good feedback with our team.

As a note, the ecommerce site plans also allow you to create and use CMS collection and Ecommerce Collection pages, where you can create many different varied types of pages to go along with the static pages.

Learn more about the cms and using collections in Ecommerce from these good articles:

I would love to know more about what kind of site you are trying to build that does require more than 100 static pages (and max 10,000 cms items and up to 3000 ecommerce items).

I am sure that feedback will help Webflow product teams better to understand that build and design scenario.