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Upcoming file upload feature: Can I upload software files?

I have some questions regarding the new feature for file uploading that is in development:

1. File types
I have a customer that needs to upload EXE and RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) files. Using e.g. Dropbox or OneDrive is not an option for the customer. Will Webflow support files like this?

2. Who can upload?
Will the customer/editor be able to upload files (trough the CMS) or is it just the designer that will be able to upload files trough the Asset manager?


You cannot store files on Webflow.

The only option is something like dropbox… or to self-host.

Hosting doesn’t include a cpanel account / ftp / or anything like that.

They only serve the raw html.

I know, but Webflow is currently developing support for file uploading. Just fishing for more information on what this feature will actually support! :wink:

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