Can I send custom form submission to webflow?

I have a custom form with form tags () and everything with an external form action, I would like to send that custom embedded form submission to webflow backend. Is that possible?

Yes, it’s possible, you need to create a server-side script to handle the form data and interact with the Webflow API to send the data to your Webflow backend. Make sure to obtain an API key from your Webflow project settings for authentication. This way, you can successfully send the form data to Webflow:)


I’m not at all sure what Beverly was trying to say but the Webflow API does not have a mechanism for uploading and storing form submissions externally. Or downloading them for that matter- though there is a webhook for realtime receipt of new submissions.

Airtable would likely be a far more suitable store for those.

What are you referring to as Webflow’s backend? The CMS or the list of Webflow form submissions (via project settings)?

Uhm, I haven’t thought about this. It makes sense.