Form Submission API

Hi all, I have a question about the Form Submission API. I see in the docs that form submissions are available via webhook. Is there an HTTP API where form submissions are also available? I haven’t been able to find mention of them in the docs, so I’m assuming there is not, but we’d much rather use an API where we can pull submissions from rather than rely on a webhook to push to us (for one, we can’t access past submissions using the webhook). Thanks!

No, if you have Webflow handle the form submissions for you, there is no API to access those submissions. You have to go through the project settings to get to them.

Form submissions isn’t Webflow’s core feature so they only provide the bare essentials with it.

Most people bypass that…

There may be some misunderstanding on how you can leverage Webhooks.

If you use a Webhook then you are telling Webflow that you don’t want them to handle the form submission, and they’ll leave 100% everything up to you.

That’s good and bad.

Bad that it’s more work on your end.

Good that you have more control and flexibility.

One of those flexible things that most people do is store form submissions in Google Sheets, Airtable, or even the Webflow CMS.

Now you can view all of your past submissions (even via an API) + have the flexibility to do even more if you want to.

If this is at all interesting to you, here some examples:

Those are just some basic examples.

The first two use glue services (Zapier & Make/Integromat), the last does not. It submits your forms directly into Airtable.

Hope that helps!

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That helps a ton, thanks for the comprehensive answer @ChrisDrit!

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