Webflow form data to external API

Hi everyone,

I am currently creating a new website for a client. They mentioned that they would like the data that users fill out on the form on the website to go directly into their system. The system they are using has an API. So now I want to create a link from the Webflow form on the website to the API. I know I will have to use custom code for this, but I have no idea how… :frowning:

Anyone who would like to help me with this? Or have any tips?

You have first to understand one thing. Is the API frontend ready or you need to proxy it from a backend? Without knowing that you can’t really know what to do properly

@pselfs - to elaborate a bit on what @pietrofalco said, it totally depends on the system you want to pass the data to. Some have open endpoints that can be posted to directly, some require authentication (which would require a backend). There are a lot of variables involved and we’ll need more detail to provide any guidance.

Hi @pselfs :wave: welcome!

As everyone else has mentioned, more details please! Armed with those details you’ll get the best answer :smile:

In the mean-time…

Here’s a tutorial of what it takes to submit a form directly into another services API (Airtable in this example):

Here’s another tutorial of what it takes to submit a form into another services API but going through a glue service (examples: Make, Integromat) to use authentication: