Can I import paid memberships from Wordpress to Webflow?

Hey there,
My client needs a redesign of his website. He used Elementor to design the Frontend and uses Wordpress plugins to store a membership database. Is it possible to migrate all the data, paid and free members and the courses they can access, to Webflow? What plugin would allow that?

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What’s the membership database they are using now?
If it’s possible to preserve that an integrate it with Webflow, you may want to take that approach.

Or, you might check with Memberstack to see if there is a migration process from your current Membership platform.

Webflow’s native User Accounts solution doesn’t have any ability to migrate “live” accounts. You would basically have to invite them to sign up on your new site, and walk through the Webflow user account subscription process.

You may be able to ease that-

  • Export your current user info from your old platform
  • Import it as new Webflow User Account invitations
  • Get all of your users to accept the invitations and set their password

They’d then have a free, limited account setup.

  • Then invite them to the paid subscription account that matches what they had before. Here they’d be walked through the appropriate subscription process, CC entry, etc.

You might also be able to create something different for your subscription payment solution if you are currently using Stripe and have a solid familiarity with the Stripe API. But that would be a rather deep integration.

If you’re seriously looking at User Accounts, I’d contact the Webflow support team and see if they have any recommendations on this, they may have some means to assist internally.

You can actually import paying members into Memberstack!

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 14.09.45

However - it depends on the system they were using before - im pretty sure it only works if they have customers in Stripe - not some custom system.

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Thanks for replying on my problem. I missed the notification. But the project was closed down and they wanted to keep their site on Elementor / Wordpress

This is good to know. Thanks Julian!

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