Migrate the user account from wordpress in webflow with subscription billing data

Hi All,
We have an e-commerce website where we sell books, and magazines (which includes digital subscriptions and print), and it is on the WordPress platform;
and planning to develop the e-commerce website in Webflow using Webflow e-commerce and user accounts;
On the current website, we have 3k+ existing users and want to migrate the user account in webflow with subscription billing data of the user (for example the date the user bought the digital magazine {start date} and subscription end date ). Using this data, we have to assign the user specific access group.
…Is it possible to do this in webflow e-commerce, Would appreciate your help on this, thanks!

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Unfortunately Webflow’s User Accounts & ECommerce will not really support what you’re looking to do;

  • You can re-invite Users, but they need to re-confirm by email
  • You cannot import ECommerce orders which means your payment details, expiry dates, etc cannot be imported

I’d use Memberstack for this.

@DuncanHamra can you confirm MS would support the import of start and end date, and what abilities it has for transferring an active subscription payment form?

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Thanks for the mention @memetican :pray:

I can confirm that Memberstack can handle migrating those subscirptions IF they were created using Stripe billing. @Sridhar_S What software/tools are you using to create & manage your subscriptions?

Incase it’s helpful, here’s an article + videos that explains more about importing paying members into Memberstack. https://docs.memberstack.com/hc/en-us/articles/7789851571099

Hope this helps!


We are using AirPay payment integration

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Hi @Sridhar_S.
Josh with Foxy here. With our seamless Webflow integration, you can sell books, magazines (physical and digital), subscriptions, and more: http://foxy.io/webflow

We integrate with 100+ gateways and in some cases can help with customer/subscription/billing importing. There would most likely be a one-off fee and we’d need to work with AirPay directly for a secure handoff.

Happy to chat further: hello@foxy.io


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@Sridhar_S If you can get your customers & their payment info into Stripe, then we should be able to help. Migrate sensitive payments data | Stripe Documentation

Although, I want to be totally transparent and say that I’m unaware of any previous customers who migrated from AirPay to Stripe & Memberstack.

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