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Membership log-in etc


Here is an example of a website that a client is looking to achieve, although they won’t be selling directly to the public or wholesale it will all be through consultants. They need to know that this could be achieved with webflow or they will stick with Wordpress

The most important bit will be the membership area for consultants to log-in for their accounts as they grow.


Sorry, Webflow does not support account management and membership features.

You can still design your site in Webflow, then export and convert to a Wordpress theme, and install a third-party plugin.

Thanks for the confirmation Samliew, I thought that would be the case.

Hi Samuel, could you give me a rough cost to help me export to Wordpress and install third-party plug in?
You can email me if it’s more convenient?


Hi @1960creative,

I accept requests using this form here

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