Can i build this without code?

Hi guys,

I am new here,im sorry if this is a igrorant question but im looking for help on if its possible to reproduce this design without code? and if so how can i do it?

thank you very much, looking forward for your help :smile:

Hi @pedromrr7,

Yep, this should be done from scratch, not the slider element. But it can be done :slight_smile:

  • G.J.

Hi Gary,@garymichael1313

Will it need some custom code? how can it be? can you try to resume it to me please?

Thanks for the help

Off the top, I don’t think so. Most things can be done without code if you think through it. I guess it depends on how you want each slide to show/hide. If the entire content container is the same for each, I don’t see a problem.

How does the text copy enter? From this screenshot it’s hard to see. Can you share a web page?

No, the content inside should change with the photo, its a team slider.

My idea was just to slide the photo right or left (behind the content container) and the new content always fading in and out. If the slider was just photos it was simple. my problem is the diferent sizes and the content that comes and goes.

Im sorry i cant show you a page, i’ve been trying to build it but the project its still not ongoing, i just have that doubt about this particular part.
The best i can do is to share the project with you:

Thanks again for the help.

Okay, I see… the text block stays. It’s static but text can be a different size for each team member? Photos slide in, under the text, but will grow into that center frame. Got it.

About the photos. Do you need the center photo to grow/scale once it hits the center frame?

No, i think its better if they grow on their way there. What do you think, hope that is the question.

Hi @pedromrr7 IMO this slider is not possible create with “no-code” way just by modifying basic slider that WF offers. You can create multi image slide from WF slider but for your design you will need not only custom CSS but also JS. Simple explanation is that you are trying to show opaque images outside of slider mask that works like clip and nothing outside can be shown, another thing is responsiveness etc. etc. I had a look around even on external libraries to recommend some but as it is very specific slider you need build it from scratch or use Mutation Observer to show opaque images behind the mask. But again it is custom code …

I see. Hmmm… if they grow… that would be a better effect. @Stan, he’s not trying to use the WF slider necessarily. He’s trying to slide team photos into the center and simply grow. This is possible without code. I something similar on my about page. I just faded them out.

@pedromrr7, I like the grow aspect. I think it’ll be way cooler. It wouldn’t matter how many photos there are, just that the middle one is always centered, right?

If so, this is possible.

Hmm, ok if you have it done can you @garymichael1313 send a read only demo as I can’t image in how it can be done without custom code and Im willing to learn a new tricks. :wink:

Hey @pedromrr7

Did you ever start on that content slider?

Hi guys,

I’m sorry for my late reply, was on some vacay :slight_smile:
No @garymichael1313 this website its going to be worked on soon, my questions were just to know if its possible. How do you see it coming? as a regular slider? I think Stan is right my inicial idea was more similar to what he suggested
When i start i can send you some images.

@Stan thank you very much for the explanation

In the meantime i have other doubt i dont know if you can help me guys…this must be very simple, but i dont know how to make it work, tried some thins already.

Its a projects page and I want to hover one card and the rest of the cards to be with opacity and the card hovered in full color how can i do that?