Can I create this gallery in Webflow?

Hi there, is it possible to create this feature in Webflow? A small slider when you press the small image it will show up in the larger image (not the lightbox full screen effect)

I thought about creating an animation and changing the picture using click effect like I did in a previous project, but such method is not really a clean code. If there’s an alternative I’d like to know it.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Mehmet, I think you can try the Tabs element to build this. However, that limits you to just static content. Though, you can use finsweet’s Attributes to make the content dynamic.

Otherwise, the only way out is custom code slider with Flickity or similar libraries.

OMG I COMPLETELY Forgot about the tab menu! It’s probably the least one I use, and I just watched a video a week ago about how to place arrows for the tab menu.

Thank you very much!

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