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Slide and smooth opening new page


I’m new on webflow and I’m trying to make a page that when you click on linked image on right, left side gets narrow and right wider, and then it opens like a new page. There is a sample of website:
Is that possible without coding?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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That’s really slick but even I wouldn’t attempt to try to do that with interactions and I’ve been using Webflow for over 5 years. It could possibly be done but the amount of time and troubleshooting to do it would be insane and require a whole lot of knowledge and problem solving. Custom code would probably be the way to go if you wanted to do this.

Thank you for response. I don’t have enough knowledge about coding. Is it possible to make that when you click on the image, a new page shows from the right? Description of the image I have made is on other page with a quarter of left side. Or I can put it in new section on this page. If I make a preloader a whole page react with this preloader, not this link. Or maybe it’s a way with some kind of menu?
I’m sorry about all this questions, but I would like to find best solution that a new open page opens smoothly from the right side.

You have a couple of options. You can position your content inside a div on the same page and trigger it with a click interaction to slide in. But making it responsive and work well will be pretty advanced if you’re not used to using complex interactions.

If you want to do page transitions into another page, this might help Webflow Workshop #114: Creating a page transition effect

Thank you! I’ve solved this with interactions, but have to do on details :slight_smile: