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Slider showing content before slide

I’m trying to create a slider (got it created) but was wanting to see a “preview” of the image only on the next slider like this image attached. Is this possible without code? I can alter the design but I think it’s cool to see the other team member’s images just not their text and still slide between them.

Desired Result

what I’ve got in WEbflow so far:

Anyone have any ideas how this could be done?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - WRW Working Practice Build

I guess it is not that easy to achieve, since there is some JS code of the slider element invloved which you can’t just simply change. In addition, unfortunately there aren’t any CSS classes which you could target, e.g. on active slide.

To achieve, which should be quite simple, you could build this element by yourself from scratch, using interactions. So you got full control of the code.

Edit: This is exactly what you want:

You should take a look at the thread, check the first link of the 2nd post and inspect the slider with the women with browser inspect tools to see what is going on.

Combination of slider element and interactions. A great solution in my opinion.
Shouldn’t be a challenge to recreate it.

Hope this helps.