Can I build a website with a collection of entries?

I would like to build a website where it will show a list of entries (sort of a database) that are added by me.

Users should be able to click on each entry and it will bring them to a separate page with more information about that entry.

Users should be able to sign up and then add comments and reviews to the entries.

The database should be very customizable in terms of which fields it’s showing and etc.

Is this possible with Webflow?

Hi Vladi, welcome to the forum. What you’re looking for is possible with Webflow and a couple of integrations. While Webflow doesn’t currently offer these features natively (no word on comments, and memberships are still invite-only in beta), you could integrate with a service like Memberstack to handle log-ins, and Zapier to take your comment / review form submissions, and add them back into your Webflow CMS (database) and automatically display on the website. Would be fairly seamless once it’s all set up.