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Can be possible to export a website to also be used offline?


I’m new here, and also quite new to the world of web design, but I learn quick.

A year ago I designed a quite big book for an educational organization of Sweden that operates here in my country, Bolivia.

And now they asked me to develop an interactive version of that book to be uploaded and also to be given to some educators that travel to areas where internet connectivity is impossible.

So I was thinking to develop all of that here with Webflow, as a website, but i’m not sure if the exported code can be used in offline mode, using the Index *.html (Or something similar)

I already downloaded the exported code example that Webflow provides, but it’s only of one static page, and I need to be sure if it can function with subpages, a lot of subpages.

I always liked the book/website of Matthew Butterick, “Practical Typography”.

Take that as an example, could it be possible to export a website like that one and be used offline?
(No cms needed for the website, just a lot of text and photos)

Thanks in advance for the help and please forgive my butchered english.

@Pampaku Hey Andrés, yes you will be able to use the site offline - as long as you remove all references to scripts hosted elsewhere. For instance, Webflow includes jQuery by linking to Google’s CDN. You will need to save this file, and any others like it, and link to it using a relative reference. A relative reference means you put the folder structure in the src, For example the ‘src’ of your script tag would be: js/jquery.js (as long as this is the folder structure) instead of

This will also work fine with many pages.

Avísame si necesitas ayuda, también hablo espanol :+1:

Justin, muchas gracias por tu ayuda me libraste de una, quizás muy tonta duda.
No suena muy complicado lo que me explicas, ¿verdad?, creo que intentaré lograr ese libro virtual aquí. :slight_smile:

(Espero los moderadores no se molesten por usar español, solo quería que mi agradecimiento se sienta más personal)

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