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Using Webflow to create an interactive kiosk application

I’ve used Webflow to create websites, but I’ve been asked to create an interactive display for a museum that can run locally (offline). I would love to create this in Webflow but am unsure what to do after exporting the code. Has anyone used Webflow for something similar?

Any help is much appreciated!

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Hi @javansutton

I haven’t, but I think essentially all you/they would need to do is the same as someone handcoding, and then opening a browser to see the changes (which can be done offline - no problem).

I’ll refer you to @justin_c excellent explanation and solution to this post: How to use export code after it’s been exported

You can try out some Webflow export code at the foot of this article too:

(note: CMS data won’t export)

So you would deliver the site as an html file, and they would click to ‘open in browser’…

Give that a try and let us know how it goes!


Simply extract the zip file, and run/open the index.html file using a web browser on the system used to present stuff on the display (Google Chrome recommended), then set the browser to fullscreen.

Also, if the display resolution is wider than 940px, then I suggest you do not use the container component.

Thanks for the suggestions. I guess it’s more straight-forward than I was originally thinking. I will do some tests and see how it’s working. Now to find a solution to only run the website without going to other sites/applications.

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