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Using the website offline

Hello. I have a small question regarding using Webflow.After i create my website is it possible to use it offline also?I saw that there are possibilities to save the html and css.I am asking this because i want to use it also on a PC with limited internet bandwith.

Thank you very much.

By offline do you mean totally offline like on a computer with no Internet connection? Or do you mean on your own server, not on Webflows’ ones

In any case the answer is yes for both. Webflows’ sites don’t need server side things such as PHP or MySQL, they can run totally offline in any modern browser.

By offline i meant on a computer with no internet connection or a very poor one.So it is possible.Thank you so much for the answer.

I’ve answered too quickly.

There are dependencies: Javascript librairies. You need to look at the header of your page and check what and where scripts libraries are called. Then you need to retrieve them, host them locally and change the links in the ehader to point to them.

@bartekkustra sorry to bother, do you have recommendations on how to make JS/Jquery websites run locally?

Erm… export code and link missing dependencies (jQuery only I think)? Also fonts need to be downloaded separately and called within each HTML and the CSS file.

Hi @vincent, @bartekkustra, when sites are exported:, all of the needed source files generated by Webflow are included. If the site has custom JS or CSS that are linked to the site in the header or footer, those source files are not included in the export. This includes links to google fonts. If you plan to run a site locally, make sure to use custom fonts, not google or typekit fonts.

Custom fonts will be exported with the site.
Custom code in the body or head of the site, or embedded using the Embed widget will be exported.
All Webflow JS will be exported.
All Css will be exported
All Images will be exported

If one is trying to set this up, they can test if they have all the resources needed, by running the site locally without a net connection, and checking what errors are shown in the console :slight_smile:


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