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Cheers for the new template marketplace

Cheers to the Webflow team for the new template marketplace! Lots of great themes. Can’t wait to start working on those! @thesergie @callmevlad

Thanks @LaurentCardinal! It’s brand new so there aren’t many options, but the collection will get bigger over time!

Having a marketplace is a really good idea. I wanted to ask though, if one creates a template for the marketplace, and it is going to be listed in the marketplace, do I really have to use up one of my available sites to list it on the marketplace ? I have a 10 site membership now, and I need those for web clients that come and go, so if I am listing on marketplace too, it would be nice to have some support for developers to give them at least some free sites equal to number of templates they have listed in marketplace. Cheers

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I have a few I’m prepping for submital already :slight_smile:

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Hey @cyberdave currently it will use up one of your sites, but your suggestion makes a lot of sense and we’ll see if we can do what you’re suggesting. Thanks for the feedback!