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Building my company website on Webflow!

I’ve been playing around with Webflow for the past few months and I have to say it’s pretty awesome!

At the moment I’m using a well known website builder for WordPress, but I’m moving 90% of my websites to Webflow because of the managed hosting and ease of use.

My company website is currently powered by WordPress;


WEBFLOW: (40% completed).

Love to hear your feedback about the Webflow website.


Very simple so far. You ask to get a lead right away, right after the slogan. Your “Get Started” CTA could be named “Subscribe”, and it’s maybe a little soon to do so. The 3 versions of the sites are kind of doing the same “mistake”.

As a visitor, I’d like to see more, to understand how it works, to hear about the benefits and to see examples of what has been done with your tools. The first CTA should invite to watch/see/visit a proof of concept, wether it’s in the form of a video, animation, visit (take the tour). I’d say you need to guide your visitors through a convincing journey, then ask for their engagement (email, etc…).

So a “Show me how” button is required here. And when it’s time to ask for signing up, ask only the necessary first. To create an account you need an email and a password, just ask for the email. Then ask for the password. let the name be filled later, either when user visit his profile or by a reminder on n-th visit.

And as Webflow allows you to make and publish quick changes, make several version of your engagement process and A/B test them. One week for one, one week for another, compare the leads you’ve been generated, keep the best, and continue improving.


Wow, I wasn’t expecting such valuable feedback! Thank you! :smile:

The landing page isn’t 100% completed and I am planning to add features, benefits and live examples. Hopefully should get it all done tonight.

Thank you for your time and effort. It’s much appreciated!

You can get inspiration from the following.

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@vincent, Thanks for sharing the tips ! This is a good idea to make this kind of general document for Webflow help too :smile:

Yes, a lot of designers may not realise how and why “design by sections” happened. It’s not a trend, and it’s not because responsive design makes us get rid of sidebars. It’s not because of parallaxes trends too.

It’s because a lot of websites teams, in quest for leads (visitors engagement), deducted they needed to add linearity to their sites, in order to tell stories. Then we started to see primary and secondary Call To Actions blocks. One CTA calling for engagement while the secondary proposing to learn more about the offer. Websites had “tours” for a long time, but they weren’t that linear.

So section design, as appealing as it is, is not a trend nor for every website. It’s mainly for websites that need to prove a concept and gather leads.

Once Webflow is more mature, that would be awesome to build tools to help teams put A/B testing in place and analyse results. Because in the end, that’s the only thing that counts: improving efficiency.

@vincent, this is very helpful information that we all can use. Thanks.