Building a website and export code? Newbie needs some Support

He Legends,

I’m relative new to Webflow, as an upcoming developer I am tipping my toes in the sand to become a freelance developer. After learning most of the Frond-End programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JS, React for the past years, I now got the advice of some freelance friends to start building on WordPress to start my freelance journey. That took me a few weeks and I had an awful experience with WordPress, so many plugins, bugs and an unfriendly interface in my opinion. So I came across Webflow and I can say I am totally hooked.

I just have some questions to get a better understanding on how to use Webflow in my freelance journey. And I would be dilated if someone could answer these for me.

At the moment, I have a starter plan. max 2 pages. I am thinking about getting an upgrade, but I am confused with the current plans. As at the moment, I build static pages without any CRM.

I would like to build full websites with 10+ pages for portfolio projects and upcoming clients.
The only way I see this is possible is to take a hosting subscription. What I wouldn’t mind doing for a client, but at the moment I am just filling up a portfolio. How you manage this?

Is it possible to make 2 pages at a time, then export the code en repeat till you have a full website in raw files and upload these to lets say GitHub or a 3rd party hosting provider?

For what type of projects is Webflow recommended, are there any limitations other than e-commerce?

If you know how to custom code, is Webflow sufficient to use it as your main development platform to use thought out your freelance career?

Hope its not to much, Thanks alot in advance for any comments.

Greetz Jeff