Building a website and export code? Newbie needs some Support

He Legends,

As I just start with Webflow to tip my toes in the sand to become a part-time freelancer after years of study plain coding in HTML, CSS and JS/react.
First of WordPress was recommended by freelance friends to make a switch into creating web applications for clients. After trying it for a while I just had a terrible experience, so I was searching for an alternative and found out about Webflow. I perfect learned the basics and I know the limitations for e-commerce, but I have some things I like to have a better understanding about and I hope there are some peepz that can help me out…

I am confused about choosing an upgrade plan. At the moment I have a starter pack (max 2 pages). I like to build fully complete websites with 10+ pages. Yet, the only possible way to do this is to start a hosting subscription. First for a client I would be glad to use that option, but in the meantime I want to create a portfolio and become a Webflow expert.

With the Core package you can export raw files, is it possible to make 2 pages at a time export these and go on till you got a full functional static website that you can host on GitHub or a 3rd party hosting-provider?

I love the clean-code that Webflow produces, in my opinion with coding experience it’s doable convertible to use as a base for a website with back-end. What is your experience in using Webflow for front-end and build your own back-end system?

What are the limitations using Webflow you experienced?

Is Webflow sufficient enough to create your freelance career around it, while implementing personal code?

I know it’s a lot, but thanks in advance.

You can definitely make a career out of it. Webflow is a truly awesome tool. I myself use Webflow with a workspace plan and Stacket ( This allows me to have more than the two basic sites. I have never used a site plan.
My workflow:

  1. Create site in Webflow
  2. Publish through Stacket webhook
  3. Download git code and upload to server.
    This is how I would go, especially if you are comfortable writing your own stuff. Webflow will make the design part extremely fast and then you can focus on the tweaks you need to make.
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Thanks for your reply, Dustin.

I indeed read about Stacket and the possibilities.
I just wonder how would you recommend going, most websites in my niece would go beyond just a landing page and have at least 5+ pages and I would like to have a good workflow.
I know the site plans offer 100 pages, but from understanding that would be only applied to 1 project at a time.
How to manage this? Would one just take a basic site plan and use that as a base design tool every time you are starting a new project for a client that prefers hosting outside Webflow.
Is this a way to go if you not want to be limited to 2 pages at a time?