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Building a tiered Product hierachy

Hi All.
I’ve been following webflow recently and as someone who has previously worked in HTML and design, it seems like the perfect platform to create the websites I want without having to fully learn how to code.

I want to create a site that has a product list like an e-commerce site but it’s more information with a link rather than an actual checkout/shopping basket requirement.

To give an example: I need the following relationship in the product list:
Category Type > Fitness Type > Training Type > Product Type > Product Name

Fitness > High Impact > Weights > Barbell > Tolin 5kb barbell - Steel

To do this I tried to use a collections list for each category and then add a reference but just creating this already proved to be difficult as I know there is a 20 collection limit.

I know that it is possible to combine collection lists by using javascript but I’m sure that I’m either doing this wrong or webflow doesn’t cater for this type of site?

I would love to get some advice from the friendly webflow community :smile:



Webflow Learner

Hi Tim, welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:
Great question! right to the point.

To start with, the hierarchy you describe is quite complex. 5 nested lists is not possible with Webflow’s native UI (Possible as you said- with some code).

Setting this aside, you can try to think of a different hierarchy, that keeps all the data and lists that you need, and on the same time, does not need to be nested inside each other.

Can you show an example of something similar to what you try to create?

Hi Aviv.
Thanks for the reply. To be honest, the example I gave was a simpler version of the hierachy I want to create. I think I must be approaching it differently - I have seen other people request additional collection sizes - will keep at it.

Hoping there are other potential solutions, as I can’t be the only person in this situation.
Will keep trying to work on it.

If anyone knows a workaround, would love to discuss.



Update: I’ve realised I’ve mixed up the database relationships and the navigational relationships together. Therefore I think I may have enough data sets available. Will update more once i have it.