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Building a dashboard in webflow?

We need to build a dashboard for one of our products (enterprise). I know webflow is more positioned towards creating static sites but on the surface it looks like it could still handle the job.

Based on where webflow is right now, what would be some of the issues if we opted to build it in webflow vs the traditional PSD > handcoded route?

We like the idea of doing it visually as it enormously speeds up our internal process, allows for better communication and its easier to iterate design ideas that obviously don’t work much faster.

Maybe someone on the webflow team can chime in on this.

You can definitely build it in Webflow and then hook up angularJS or whatever afterward to make it an actual dashboard. The process would be the same for the visual frond end.

The only thing I can see you running into is not having selectors like .class li {} which would simplify your codebase. We’re working on building this out so you can target tags and create style rules based on parent elements, but that we will release at the end of next month. Webflow also doesn’t handle interactions or modals yet.

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i am not able to click the class select, please help me…

I’ve built/designed a advanced enterprise product in webflow, so that’s no problem, devs took it from there and used the css so we didn’t host it at webflow.

About the Angular thing, on another site, hosted on webflow, I hooked up some AngularJS that someone else wrote and I wanted to use custom attributes, and it work when there’s like ng-show=“something” one name and one value, but when there’s only a value with no name it wont work.

I got a support answer on this and for the moment theres no solution other then use embedd.

(edit: noticed this a one year old topic sorry :blush:)