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Assistance with adding dynamic data to Webflow

I’m working on a project where I’m in need of some assistance in turning the basic designs I’ve created in Webflow into a web app.

Ideally this could still be kept within the Webflow editor (using custom code?) rather than exported and chopped up, since I’d like to be able to easily edit the front-end.


Are you saying you designed a web app in Webflow and you want to port it to a web framework like Angular/React? Provide more details please.

Frontend has been created in Webflow, but as a static website (so basically I’ve created the templates).

How it is made dynamic I have no idea, looking for someone to guide me on this.

Have you used the Webflow CMS?

I’ve had a look into it and don’t feel it would be up to the task or, at least, I wouldn’t be able to use it to achieve what I need as I’m not experienced enough with it.

If it could handle 5,000 products, user logins and lots of input back to the database (user generated content like comments etc) then it would be feasible.

User authentication is a different issue entirely. As far as the scalability, it should be fine scaling based on your user input. However, creating a form on the site doesn’t necessarily create CMS items, so you would need to use the CMS API or some other database option.

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