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Admin / Dashboard UI Templates - Need help with use cases

Hey guys,

I have been doing some research on becoming a Webflow Template seller and I am on my way into applying it based on their conditions and requirements. Although, there was Admin and Dashboard Template ( that really intrigued me. So I wanted to know the following

  1. How will these dashboards actually be used? Are there integrations that plug into Webflow and these templates can used to showcase certain data?
  2. Do these templates actually plug to dynamic content?
  3. I understand how these work because I am a UI Designer currently focussed on SME and Enterprise Dashboard solutions so I am interested in solving this problem with a better definition on how WebFlow Dashboard kits can be used.

I hope I was clear on my query - would be really happy to discuss further on this.

@Jayant_Rao Webflow doesn’t provide any dynamic content feature other than the CMS. You can use JS / API to input dynamic data on to these dashboard or just use them for prototyping purposes.