Webflow and angular - please, ELI5 - can do? how?

or, better yet ELID - explain like i’m a designer.

i’ve just spent 1-2 hours scouring the forum and web for hints at integrating my webflow design with a developer’s angularJS single page application. they used some off-the-shelf material design “theme,” where my client and i want a properly designed and branded web app.

every post here about webflow and angular seems to be developers talking to other developers. thus, i’ve gained almost no real understanding what’s involved.

is it possible? what’s your standard process for doing so? is your site hosted in webflow, and includes custom code for angular? or, do you export webflow and a “real” developer takes over?

one requirement we have: the web app users need to be able to login securely to see their data. my guess this negates hosting on webflow, but i was told in an email from webflow support that webflow is hosted on AWS and is secure (though, no detail other than that - so, i have no idea what that means).

ANY insight you have, designer or developer, i would love to hear. as, at the moment, i don’t have a clear answer for my client. the last meeting with the development agency making the angular app, they seemed to just stare and scratch their heads without comment on my design, or when i showed them webflow and a webflow export. thus, i feel like it’s up to me to find an answer/process, tell my client, then they tell the agency and pay them more to do it.

thank you!

Yes, that would be the only way to do it if you are using Webflow. Try to talk with the angular developer you will be handing the front-end export to, and see what they require from you.

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another thought: there’s the “web app” in angular, and then there will also be the service landing page, and news, and other “standard” pages. for certain, the marketing team wants to be able to update text, news (blog) posts, etc, themselves.

is it possible to say have the “.com” part of the site hosted on webflow, and the a subdomain for the web app login and single page application? would be nice to suggest that.

If the layout of the webapp is much different from the main website, you may want to separate them into two projects.

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