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Building a booking portal without transactions

Hello everyone!

I’m building a site for a photography equipment hire company, and I need help to see if this is possible.

The goal of the site is to reduce back and forth emails between customers and staff by allowing customers to add items (equipment e.g. camera lens, body, etc.) to a cart and have them checkout (request for a quote via means of form submission).

The idea is to get customers to fill up a form and input their basic information (name, contact number, email, etc.) and when they would like to hire, informing them of the documents we require from them and finally them submitting the ‘Request for a quote’.

Now, is this possible? Will Webflow allow us to add cms items to a list (and output as text for us) and subsequently outputting that with the contact form?

The next goal is to integrate an API to call on our in-house proprietary cloud-based booking management system that allows customers to see the availability of equipment via means of a calendar on individual item pages.

Note that there will not be any monetary transactions on the site so will the ‘Cart’ system still work?

Been using webflow for some time and first time dealing with CMS (I’m still on a paid legacy account :open_mouth: )

Thanks in advance for any direction with this project!

Hi @Reply,

This could be done by way of They have the ability to integrate with Webflow and provide that Cart look without Payment. Unfortunately, Webflow e-com is not quite there yet.

The other way you could do it is with a roundabout way of using a fake cart layout and using Zapier to connect the forms back into Webflow and integrating your booking mgmt system’s API.

You can reference this recorded stream that @rileyrichter did the other night at the OKC Meetup.

Hope this answers your questions?


Hey Brandon,

Thanks for that. It certainly does give me a better sense of what I can (and can’t) do with Webflow.

I’ll definitely look into integration. @foxy what are my options here? Would love to see how to implement.

Hi Clarence.
Sounds like Foxy may be a good fit. Maybe we can hop on a quick call tomorrow or next week to discuss your needs in detail. Mind messaging us or sending an email to


Hello @Reply
I am curious if you found a solution.