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CMS and Booking?


I have short question. Am I able to create some sort of “booking” with Webflow CMS? I mean very very simple booking. I want to create few slots available to book trough form and to automate disabling slot after specific slot is booked.

I want to create visit booking:

9:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:00

That’s all.

And I prefer to create something without using 3rd party tools like Planyo.

Thank you very much or help.

Hi @Maciej_Nowak,

Welcome to the Webflow community.

So if they book 9am to 10am then this slot disappears from the website?

This is not possible only with Webflow as far as I know. If you’re planning to add a cart functionality, you could add this feature and add the time slots as products. Once that one is ordered it disappears (like it’s out of stock)

Other than that, plugins or custom code are the only way I know of that would achieve that result for you.

Hi @magicmark,

thank you for help. Yes, If slot is “booked” or “bought” then should disappear/disable.

I guess that cart isn’t possible to create with webflow yet. Am I correct?

No exact date yet. It’s been announced that it’s in development.
There are alternatives, but it depends on the speed of the project needed.

Having used Foxycart for e-commerce previously, I know it’s possible with their platform. I’m waiting it out for Webflow E-Commerce now though :wink:

Yep - now that Foxy’s inventory integration works with Webflow - you can achieve this now - potentially things like holiday bookings too.

Each booking slot/holiday is essentially a product, with an inventory of 1, and once booked/purchased it can show as ‘booked’.

Technically, it’s to do with updating live CMS data and auto publishing:

Of all the third party solutions out there, you’ll be hard pressed to find better support than @foxy - but not sure if you are needing payment payment or just booking in your case?


Hi @StuM,

no payment needed. Just to select time slot and book trough form.

@magicmark @StuM Thank you for the mention.

@Maciej_Nowak Let us know if you’re interested in trying Foxy and we can put together a demo for you. There’s no risk with our unlimited free trial.