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⚠️ Bug with Ecommerce feature not working anymore


For few days now I have a bug with my Ecommerce feature, when a user tries to buy a product they have an error message and the cart button has a weird state (see picture).
The funny thing is that this issue only appear in production mode (, it works just fine on my dev mode ( and with Chrome Incognito mode.
For another customer it was working on Chrome but not on Firefox.

When I open the console, here is the only different error I get when it’s not working:
webflow-editor-bugsnag.min.ceb27bb297.js:1 jQuery.Deferred exception: Cannot set property ‘_persistentUIState’ of undefined TypeError: Cannot set property ‘_persistentUIState’ of undefined
at u.window.WebflowEditor (
at Object. (
at e (
at t ( undefined

What can I do? Thanks!

Capture d’écran, le 2020-01-14 à 10.41.14

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Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out to the forums.

So when I preview the experience from an incognito browser, I am able to add the cart with no errors.

Is this error happening for you when a item is added to the cart, or is it on the checkoutpage?

Let me know and I would be more than happy than to continue looking into this.


Hi and thanks Riley!
I forgot to specify that it works too on my side on incognito mode. It’s not on the checkout page, only when I try to add an item to the cart. And only in production mode, that’s the weird thing as the staging is exactly the same.

Thanks for your time! If you need anything else from me I’d be please to assist!


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