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Ecommerce randomly stopped working on a published site

I followed these instruction again,

Everything checks out as it should. Within my website, the preview mode works. I’ve deleted and readded all the checkout buttons and nothing still doesnt work on a published website. On a actual domain or the one. The checkout button, or under ‘grill’ (product page) and the add to cart buttons are broken as well. Same issue, they don’t even register the price change on a variance change.

Here is the current state of the website
and here is the product page in question :

All the link’s lead to ‘#’ references, aka dead links. But previously, these were working and I cannot recall at all what has been changed between these two days.

On a side note I have two animations on the product page that also worked, and work within the preview page that also suddenly stopped working at the same time of the ecommerce.

These two images are animated by scroll, and are within the preview, but don’t seem to make it to the published page.

Thank for any help.

Hi, @Robert_Ochinski!

I am so sorry to hear about the issues that you’re seeing with your Ecommerce store. I am looking into this now and will get back with you shortly.

Thank you @rileyrichter , we were looking to launch today once this issue is sorted.

Hi, @Robert_Ochinski!

Here’s a short video of what I found:


Let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to assist you further!

Hey thank you for video response. So the animation works under preview but it doesnt work under publish, and the add to cart button specifically doesnt work in published as well. But it does work under preview mode and so do the animations. Im not sure what happens between this to publish.

Here is the product page published to the temporary url.

Everytime I add to cart it states that it not available under this quantity (the quantity option is disabled). Any suggestions? Is there an issue with the product it self?

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