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Ecommerce Variants/Options Not Selectable

Hi all,

Getting a funky bug where a visitor can’t select any product variant options from a dropdown.
You can see and click on the dropdowns, click the option you want, but it doesn’t save or update your selection.

Pricing does dynamically change, however.

When you attempt to add to cart, it gives you the message to select an option from the dropdown which doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve tried this on Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

Getting warnings in Chrome Console for non-unique id and persistent UI.
See attached video below. (7)
This video recording also doesn’t actually show the dropdown menus. But they are there.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here’s a sample page that wasn’t working.

Hey @bowserbrit, I think it has to do with the conditional visibility that you have set on some of the other sections inside of the page - there are multiple product selectors on the page, but it’s only expecting one. I’ll pass it on to the team, thanks for reporting it!

Yup! Turned out that’s exactly what it was.

For reference,

We use two different product page styles depending on if its a featured product or not. Having both carts being loaded but only one being enabled based on that condition was causing the error.

If your team wants to continue investigating… we have been doing it this way for a bit over a year now without issues. It just started causing problems last week. Thanks for the help!

Awesome, thanks so much for the info @bowserbrit. I’ll let you know ASAP when it’s fixed.

@bowserbrit you should be good to go with your original setup - you’ll just need to republish (since yesterday). Let me know! Thanks for bringing it up :slightly_smiling_face:

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