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Update on creating new items directly on your live site

One of the initial limitations of the API was that it only could be used to add items to your “staging” site - but actually getting those items on the live site still required a full site publish. With a recently launched update, this no longer is the case!

The default behavior is staying the same, that is items will only be added to your staging site - but with the update it now is possible to specify that you want your item to also be included in your live site. There are a couple of caveats with this - but the API docs have the full details.

Let me know if you run into any issues with this and I’ll be happy to look into them for you!


This is awesome! Great work Webflow :slight_smile:

Hi Nathan,

This is surely a useful feature and we’ve been using it successfully.

However, this seems to be working only for pushing live a newly created item - but we need to push live also daily API updates to existing CMS items, such as availability on stock etc. Is there a way to do that, please?

Strangely, updating an item’s slug leaves its status at ‘Published’, while updating other fields - specifically, a switch and an option type fields - sets the item to ‘Staged changes’.

Thanks for any hint!