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Breadcrumbs Not Working

Hello Webflow friends -

I’ve got some breadcrumbs hooked up on my blog pages (e.g., but no matter what blog post I select, “Classes, Webinars, Workshops, Talks” is the blog category displayed in the breadcrumb. I have the text pulling from the blog category of the post, and I’m not seeing why this isn’t interpolating correctly.

Thank you for your help.


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I don’t know why you decided you needed a Collection List inside of your template page to craft the breadcrumb.

Just lay over your elements and link them appropriately, and the cat link to the appropriate link and text.

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This is a much better solution. Thank you, sir!

You’ll need to have a collection list to bind anything to the CMS, EXCEPT when you’re in a Collection Page template, because there you are already inside of a CMS context. So anything related to your current CMS item can be placed anywhere and doesn’t need to be inside of a Collection List.

You can use Collections lists inside of collection template pages, for listing another type of content (collection). For example a list of authors or a list of categories inside of a post page.

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