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Brand New Website For Brain Training Center In Malaysia

Hi All,

Today I am pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website; myBrainLab - The Latest Brain Development Center In Malaysia, which I created using Webflow.

myBrainLab’s mission is to provide revolutionary brain training programs and brain-related technology to help people improve brain performance. Find out more at or follow Mybrainlab Facebook page for more updates.

Brand New Website -


Looks great! Except that it loads really slow… I see that you’ve converted it and hosting it on Wordpress?

Yes I had converted it to WordPress and the hosting server is located in Malaysia. I think that’s the reason why it loads slow for you because the site loads pretty fast here.

your site looks really good. how hard was it to convert the page layout you made with WEBFLOW over to wordpress as many people have asked about that and you did it!

what wordpress template did you use for your base to build off? how long did it take as your site looks really good…

Really nice. However I thought the page ended at load because the content did not lead me below the fold. Pull it up a bit! I like the hidden menu! Did you do that in Webflow or was that a post edit?

@darusim_ws Beautiful site – love it!

Yeah really nice site!

hi, i am wondering how do you get "up to top"button to hide automaticly when at top? no embedded codes?


@phi36nine I used WP Framework as the base and it took me just 2-3 days to convert to Wordpress.

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@Jonas76 Yes, the slide down menu was done in Webflow, based on @bartekkustra awesome tutorial which you can find here

@kkilat @thesergie Thank you guys and really appreciate for the hospitality that Webflow team had provided me when I faced problems!

@zfe I had embedded a simple jQuery codes from I hope this will help. Cheers!

@darusim_ws No problem, we’re just happy we can help. Seeing the awesome site you put together is TOTALLY worth it – the whole reason we have created Webflow is to help folks like you create amazing sites!