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Hotel website done in about 4 days

Hi all!

Just wanted to share our newly completed responsive site for our client, a villa resort in Bali.

Webflow: | Live:

We originally built it on Wordpress in January, which took us more than 2 weeks because there were so many small things that just wouldn’t work. It lived on Wordpress for the last 9-10 months, before I found Webflow.

The old site recently started doing funny stuff on Wordpress and it took forever to be fixed and no support was available. So on a whim last week, and after a client go-ahead, I decided to recreate the entire website on Webflow. It took about the equivalent of 3 full days to reach about 90%. The remaining 1 day was to fix what wasn’t working properly. I received excellent support from cyberdave, who gave step-by-step tutorials when I needed it!

It was seriously the most pleasant experience building this on Webflow. Any comments or feedback would be most welcome. :smile:


Awesome work @Clarinta!

Keep it up :smile: - agreed webflow is pure joy to build with :slight_smile:


Yay! Sweet job! :smile:

Awesome job. There are a few aesthetic things I noticed, but they’re minor.

  1. The hero slider seems to scroll between slides a bit too quickly. I can read each title, but wouldn’t have time to click on the link after I read each one.

  2. The buttons below the slider have opposite hover interactions that make each other look odd when one is hovered. Personally, when I have two buttons next to each other with opposite styling, I like to make the hover interaction more subtle, so that they don’t look identical when one is hovered. For example, instead of changing the background color on hover, you could scale the button larger or create an outer/inner glow to give the button depth. Just my opinion though! Great job on the site!

Hi Jordan,

Thanks so much for your feedback :slight_smile: They totally make sense. I’ll look into your suggestions!


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Hi Clarinta,

Wow, that is an incredible site, love the luxurious look-and-feel (I’m blown away that you pulled this off in 4 days! big big congrats).

My only feedback (and it’s a tiny point) would be to turn off scrolling on the map in your contact section so that when people are scrolling down the page the map doesn’t zoom in, if you know what I mean. I read here Disable mousescroll zoom in Map that you can disable scroll zoom in map settings.

Really really well done, the site is top class and very inspiring


Hi Jamie,

Thanks a lot! And thanks for the feedback regarding turning off touch scroll - I’ve implemented that now :smile: