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Booking Process

Hi all,

I’ve had a little scan around the forums for an answer to this but haven’t found the exact one I want.

I’m creating a website for a snowboard coaching company that want to allow people to come to their site, view their courses and book them online. Fairly straight forward stuff.

My client wants users to be able to see a details page for each course type that they do then click a ‘Book Now’ button. Upon clicking the button they are taken to another page that contains a booking form. The user then completes the form and fills out their payment details and confirms.

Similar to the following example:

My question is what 3 party booking form that I could embed would be best for the job. I’ve been looking around but it seems to be a bit of a mine field out there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’m interested to know the answer as I failed too on looking for THE one.

Did you check Zappier? i don’t really know if it’s helpful here but it has recently been “integrated” with Webflow New Feature: Zapier integration for Form Submissions

Its a tricky thing to find with so many solutions out there. The closest I got was checkfront but the final interactions aren’t quite what I was looking for.

I haven’t looked into Zapier much yet although at first glance I might be able to create the form itself on google drive then upon completion the details would be passed to a final payment gateway. Not sure if it works this way though.

Is it possible to integrate Wordpress reservation solutions into Webflow with an iframe?

I don’t see why not, it has to be tested.

Awesome, there are a few out there that could provide the actual booking form. I’ll give it a shot and post the results, see how we get on! :+1:

I said you need to test :smiley: haha, keep your thumb horizontal for now ;-p

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I use for onsite book. They are easy to work with.

Hey @godweeno

I would have a try at #typeform, it works great!
If your choice of payment is not stripe you can have a zapier integration and make it paypal or other supported web apps.

Hope this helps

I use for onsite book. They are easy to work with.

Thanks so much jterrell! After a little play around Occasions is just the solution I’m looking for! :sunglasses: :+1:

Hi @Godweeno,

I understand that you posted your question about a year ago now, but I thought it may be useful for others if I replied.

I’ve noticed you’ve came across other booking systems, but not right for you. I wanted to suggest Booking Live Software, we allow many services which you could add and personalize to how you want. This can be integrated with your website and will allow your clients to go through a simple booking process from your website.

Booking Live allows you to process and manage memberships and contacts through a basic, in-built CMS. It also allows subscriptions and payments, both part and full, to be processed,as well as allowing you to set up email lists and send out communications with custom merge tags. Unlike many other software providers out there, Booking Live comes with an in-built CMS so you can manage your website and bookings all in one system.

Booking Live software also comes with a whole host of other great features, which you can read more about here: Please feel free to browse our website and speak with someone today for more information!

As I work at Booking Live, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you or any one else may have.



Booking Live