How do I set up a booking system?

I need to add a booking system on my site for customers to book appointments and for that appointment to be added to be sent to my email. Can anyone help me with this?

Hi Haley, there are a ton of booking platforms.
They all work differently and have different pricing, so you’ll need to test them out.

For very simple bookings, that use Google Calendars to manage “time free”, solutions like Calendly and Cal .com are great, and cheap. For more advanced situations, where specific services need to be booked, specific staff are needed to perform specific services, etc. you’ll need something more complex. I’ve used Timely and SimplyBook .me quite a bit for this. There are many, many others.

Can any of these integrate into my site?

Yes, essentially all of them can. Booking systems are pretty useless if they can’t. :wink:
Keep in mind, most have calendars, forms, payment checkouts that means they’ll control the UI and secure IFRAME themselves. You generally don’t get much styling control so pick one whose style and features suit your site.

Hi Hayley,

Adnan here from FlowBookings, we are a native booking platform built for Webflow. And your requirements can be perfectly met with our offering, you can get email notifications for all the created bookings, you can also customise what notifications you want to receive and what the email should be. We also give you the option of sending your customers confirmation and notification emails.

Our booking forms are completely native inside webflow offering you 100% design customisability, you can do pretty much everything with our forms that’s possible in webflow.

You can signup for a free trial and try out FlowBookings for yourself. And please let me know if you have any questions.

Here’s a link for you to check out Flowbookings:
And our documentation for easier setup: