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Hello Webflow forum!

It’s my first time posting on the forum, so I’d like to say hello to all of you wonderful, helpful people! This also just happens to be my second ever client, I’m quite the newbie.

First I’ll give a bit of context. My client is opening a cattery (a hotel for cats) and has made it clear that it’s important to her to have a booking page where clients can fill out a form with their name, email, number of cats and check in/check out dates in order to reserve directly (she will then email the client for additional information), this same form should return an error message in the event that all rooms are booked on the chosen dates. She would like these form submissions to be accessible to her and also have a system in place to prevent double bookings.

I’ve been trying for the last few days to find a solution to this but I can’t get anywhere. I wouldn’t mind using third party software but preferably nothing over 15€ a month.

I appreciate any and all advice !

Hey Jude! Just stumbled upon your post. I used to work for an agency that specialized in building websites for boutique hotels. It turns out that reservation management is a pretty complex, and all hotels (save for the huge corps like Marriott) use third party software such as There is a huuuge market for hotel management software catering to different needs for different sizes of hotels, but unfortunately that’s your best bet as creating something custom for your site is going to likely be far too difficult. Best of luck out there!

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Hi @Jude_Charlton.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after will require a third-party integration. You might consider our seamless Webflow integration:

We’ve got lots of experience with booking/reservation/rental Foxy + Webflow projects. You’ll probably need a service like Make or Zapier, but with Foxy you can:

  • Manage rental spots with Webflow CMS
  • Manage reservations with Webflow CMS
  • Add a date/time picker that blocks out reserved dates
  • Connect to 100+ gateways and payment methods
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-currency support
  • Embed a customer portal to allow customers to view order reservation history, update billing, and more (all inside of your Webflow site)
  • Sell and accept gift cards
  • Custom tax functionality, logic, and integrations
  • Powerful coupon and discount functionality
  • Unlimited free trial
  • and more!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: